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Here are many great sets on mix.dj ... For a long time I was not income to you ... so I took the opportunity to put this mix " featured " for the consistent quality of work and taste in choosing the playlist ... Really great job since very long time.. ... So thank you very much for the beautiful mo...
  • February 1, 2016
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01) Talking Heads - Listening Wind 00:00
02) Youssou N'Dour - Wake Up (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix) 04:33
03) Taban Hayes - Last Call At The Leilani Cafe 10:05 >>
04) Banzai Republic vs. The Beatles - Blackbird 17:09
05) Rae and Christian - Hold Us Down (G-Corp Mix) 22:55
06) Giyo - Downward Spiral 29:15
07) Rihanna - Love on the Brain 34:40
08) The Philadelphia Experiment - Ile Ife (Madlib Remix) 38:20
09) Andreya Triana - Changing Shapes of Love 42:24
10) Sian - Bamboo Soul 45:48
11) Björk - Joga 50:00
12) B Tribe - Hablame 56:46
13) Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where The Time Goes? 60:00

What are you listening to right now? I've got one ear in the past & one in the immediate present: this time it's Talking Heads, Rihanna’s latest, Björk, Andreya Triana & Sandy Denny -- 1969 to 2016.

Maybe I've been influenced by reading The Peripheral -- the muddy swirls of various time strands flowing side-by-side in the greater stream. You know the feeling: it's all water, the same but different. In my stub, the seed track was the Q-Burns remix of Youssou N'Dour's Wake Up, a swirl that found itself in the same flow as Sandy Denny, who slipped into the mix when I read a piece in which the author referred to himself as standing on a NYC street corner, under headphones, listening to Nina Simone sing “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”. That fired a synapse, sending me to YouTube to hear Nina, Judy Collins, DC's own Eva Cassidy & finally the song's composer, Sandy Denny -- her voice bringing an aching ultimacy to this song that no one else has equaled.

Listening, right now.