August 19, 2017 - 10:32 am

Big changes to come soon on MIX.DJ !!

Very soon, the MIX.DJ service will change its name and become eDeejay

The new eDeejay address will be

During this movement, all of your content will of course be retained, and your login information will be the same as before.

A new design and new functionalities, as well as a resolutely more social approach, are on the agenda of this movement and we hope that you will appreciate your new environment as we do.

In the future a new service will be proposed to you on the old address in partnership with iWebDJ in order to allow you to mix live from your Internet browser.

We will keep you informed as soon as we are ready to go.

Long live to eDeejay - The DJ Social Network!

The eDeejay Team.
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I’ve wanted to do a mix of Phish songs for a while, but was never really sure how as the band does this themselves every time they play, and much better than I could do DJing their live tracks; plus this could never be done as there is just too much awesome to choose from. There’s also a lot of songs the band just doesn’t really play as often in a live setting that I absolutely love that are on the chiller, more acoustic side of Phish. So in that thought process I thought, ‘Why not make a downtempo Phish mix?’

What you have here is just over 2 hours of Phish songs, solely from the LP’s and one EP - all studio recordings. I tried to fit something in from each one of the LP’s and sadly ‘Round Room’ just didn’t produce anything for this setting, even though we all know when played live those songs are incredible! The songs within were carefully chosen as my favorite beautiful, more melancholy, and softer sounding tracks; with a few oddballs in there to mix things up a bit. There is no jamming, no noodling, and no whale calls or signaling aliens here. This is the relaxed side of Phish. To me this is some of the of the most beautiful music the band has ever released, and so I’m celebrating it here. Some of you will love this, some of you will loathe it Smile .

::: Slow Enough For You? :::

Bliss > Billy Breathes (Billy Breathes - 1996)
Eliza (A Picture of Nectar - 1992)
Mist (Farmhouse - 2000)
Train Song (Billy Breathes - 1996)
Catapult (A Picture of Nectar - 1992)
Strange Design (Free EP - 1996)
Horn (Rift - 1993)
The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony (Lawn Boy - 1990)
Wingsuit (Fuego - 2014)
What's The Use (The Siket Disc - 1999)
Length > Horse > Silent (Rift - 1993)
Lifeboy (Hoist - 1994)
Farmhouse (Farmhouse - 2000)
I Been Around (Joy - 2009)
Manteca (A Picture of Nectar - 1992)
Winterqueen (Fuego - 2014)
Driver (Farmhouse - 2000)
Waste (Billy Breathes - 1996)
Scents And Subtle Sounds #1 (Undermind - 2004)
Fast Enough For You (Rift - 1993)
Talk (Billy Breathes - 1996)
The Inlaw Joise Wales (Farmhouse - 2000)
Roggae > Wading (The Story of the Ghost - 1998)
Swept Away > Steep (Billy Breathes - 1996)
Faht (A Picture of Nectar - 1992)
Brian and Robert (The Story of the Ghost - 1998)
Dirt (Farmhouse - 2000)
Dog Faced Boy (Hoist - 1994)
Secret Smile (Undermind - 2004)
Bug (Farmhouse - 2000)
Army Of One (Undermind - 2004)
Cars Trucks Busses (Billy Breathes - 1996)
Sleep (Farmhouse - 2000)
Grind (Undermind - 2004)