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MB Disco

Early Bird » Lives in Malmoe, Sweden · Born on November 30, 1999
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November 30, 1999
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May 31, 2013
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November 19, 2010
Early Bird
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DJ, Record Label
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About Me
What is the common factor between Giorgio Moroder, Ray Mang, Leroy Burgess, Ilija Rudman, Chicken Lips and diskJokke? Well, they are all part of the new MB DISCO label hailing from Sweden. It is masterminded by Martin Brodin, the founder of Deeplay Music. With this label he wanted to go back to his Disco roots. Disco Music has always been in Martin’s blood and now he felt it was time to play tribute to it. So how has he done it? The answer is very simple, mix up the old disco feeling with modern sound.