Digital Defeckt

Early Bird » Lives in Chicago, United States · Born on June 10, 1981
DJ BigVic
thanks for the Playa Cards Right mix support smile
Many thanks for your support! Much appreciated, as always.
Deejay Angelo
hello, thank a lot for your support, greatings !
Hi DD,
Sorry... I'm not really original for this one...
But just thank you for your perfect support !
Hope you are OK.
Primal Groove
it was Adam's idea, i didn't know what was going on. Pall Mall Blue 100's. Come over and lets throw down some records soon.
Deejay Angelo
hello, DD thank so much for your support, have good week end !!
Baz Watkins
Thankyou for listening and voting, much appreciated, all the best, Baz Watkins.
Hi DD !
So, you are back to the control with Recti ? I am always glad to listen to your (too) rare works.
By the way, thank you for your support for this little "Minimal Escape".
Next one : "say hello to Dubstep !"
HI mate, thanks for your support smile
thank you for your support mate..!
all the best ;-)
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