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and what is your email so i can send 'em...
Ok, what genre should the basses be in?
Send me 10 High Quality Bass Techno tracks and I will see what I can do for you.
Hey, i love your albums. Hey, me and some guys have this techno band named ElectroShockNetwork and we were wondering if you could look us up, see if you can work some magic on our mixes. https://www.y...
hey, you posted a comment on one of my albums? yeah, i havnt been online much. ive been mainly working on a new techno band named ElectroShockNetwork on Youtube. you should check it out
Hey, check out my new Techno band, ElectroShockNetwork on Youtube or go here.
Tomas Shan
Hi mate, first i'll send you greetings from Zuerich/Swiss smile)
Try my mix on the following link, whit witch i received an invitation to kaZantip 2012 smile)
The style is MinimalTech. I hope you will like it Wink)

p.s. Can you give me your votes please? i'm interested what you think about it.
how many stars of voting you give me smile ?

I couple of your works; Trance Life 2011, Trance Days, Trance Land 2011, Trance Heaven 2, Trance heaven 2011, GoaTrip, Progressive Highs, PsyPlasmica, Trance Area, Trance Sunrise 2011 and Pure Trance ...
hello crystalcia
thank you for your great comment and support
also thank for the request i am glad that you like the mixe's
thank you mate keep up the good work too smile
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